Submission Policy

If you want that your book becomes part of the Archive and that it will be presented on this Blog, you can send a sample copy. There is no selection taking place and all the books which we receive will be announced here and be added to the bibliography with photobooks about Israel/Palestine. The only criteria applied is that the photographs shown in the book are shot in Israel and Palestine. Content wise, there is no selection. We accept photobooks from all fields (art, photojournalism, documentary, tourism, ...). Donations from third parties like private persons, libraries, publishers and bookshops are welcome as well.

Submissions can be send by post to the following address (From 1st of October 2019):
Dr. Felix Koltermann
Hochschule Hannover Fakultät III 
Medien, Information und Design 
Expo Plaza 2 
30539 Hannover

If you have further questions or comments, don't hesitate to write an email: